DogWorx Academy is THE PLACE your want to send your dog for all of your training needs.  I have been learning and training my dogs with Rob and Jessy since 2009.  Over the years I've had many dogs with different personalities.  From a Great Dane to Papillon, a goofy Golden, a Pit Bull, and a German Shepherd.  It doesn't matter what type of training you're looking for they've got you covered.  Over the years together we've worked on obedience, agility, search and rescue, scent detection, and trick training.  It feels great to have your dog be the envy of your friends and family because they're so well behaved.  I even take my Golden to work with me on a regular basis thanks to the training and guidance I've received from Rob and Jessy.  Training abilities aside, they will treat your dog like a member of their own family.  Your pet is not just "a client" to them.  They've set the bar in dog training and I've never experienced anything close to what they offer to owners and their pets.  Go and see them, you'll be glad that you did!!!

– Keri C.

I made the drive down to Hutto from DFW area to work with trainers that understand dog behavior and training. This is our second visit and they did not disappoint. 

So NICE to have the opportunity to work with people who take the time to understand your goals, and take the time to understand you and your dog and work together with you on a training plan.  

I have left my dog with Jessy and Rob for board and train and was simply amazed at the difference.  Along with daily updates and pictures, the training my dog received and has retained is just awesome. Jessy and Rob are vested in what is best for you and your dog. I highly recommend them for any of your dog training needs, they are simply AWESOME!!! Thanks so much!!

– Linda

My family and I recently adopted a very high spirited Ridgie Mix  I swear the hound in her makes her very willful and sassy!  Jessy was more than willing to take her on as her own, in her own home, and train her for us.  This was no light task as Mandy has been allowed full range in our home and little to (well zero) training on our end.  In two weeks Mandy came back to us knowing "Place, Sit, Down", and was walking on a lead!!  In the hour of training that I received after Mandy's initial visit I had a disc and enough information to get us going at home.  I would, will and am going to absolutely recommend Jessy and Rob for all your Doggy needs. Mandy will be going back very soon, and  hopefully she'll get in the water this time.

– Cheronda

I have two fur babies that are my entire world, as any fur parents mentality is. I did a two week board and train with my our puppies (Ziggy Marley - 1 yr. 2 months; German Shepherd / Husky mix and Walter Kronkite - 2 yrs. 1 month; Australian Shepherd mix) here to get them some concrete training. They are pretty good dogs, but needed some serious work. 

Both needed training for different reasons and came out much better dogs. Jessy and Rob worked with our pups and you can 100% tell the difference. They both walk better on leashes and can heel. They both sit when told and they sit before you open any door and wait for your command to continue outside. 

It was also Wally's 2nd birthday when they were there and Jessy put party hats on them and gave them doggy ice cream. 

I will continue to do training with Jessy and Rob and would recommend them to ANYONE that wants to do conventional training (e.g. no shock collar) and see immediate results. We know we have some work to do to continue the training, but I can already see results (even though they are still trying to test me!)

Thank you so much for training Büdels, my 10 month old German Shepherd Dog. 

Büdels stayed with Jessy @ DogWorx for 8 weeks to learn to overcome over reactive behavior towards other dogs. Jessy trained Büdels in her home with her own dogs. In addition, Jessy took Büdels out to public places to teach her to be calm and obey when encountering strange dogs. Büdels came back to us with wonderful social skills for both dogs and people.

Before she started with Jessy she would respond to any dog with severe bouts of very aggressive barking. It was very hard to handle her. I would dread meeting other dogs on walks.

Now, I can ask Büdels to sit and then to heel to walk past other dogs even when those other dogs are aggressively barking at her. She will even hold a down-stay when she is very close to a dog that is acting aggressively towards her. Before Jessy trained her, she was unmanageable in the presence of strange dogs and I had a very hard time maintaining control over her.

Jessy also trained Büdels to have great in-home manners. She no longer play bites my elderly German Shepherd Dog . She sits at the door and let's me exit first. She does not jump up on strangers and she goes to her designated place when asked to do so. She is a Joy to have in my house. Outside in my yard she comes on command and plays gently with my elderly GSD and my young Labrador retriever.

I wish I had found Jessy Gabriel & DogWorx Academy sooner. I plan to have Büdels continue to train with Jessy in the areas of agility and tracking and protection.

Thank you for everything.


Jessy is an amazing dog trainer.  She worked with our rescue Wheaten/Poodle mix, Riley, in a way that no one else was able to do before we found Dogworx.  In fact, he had just been rejected from another dog training facility for his seemingly aggressive behavior toward other dogs and strangers.  Jessy was so observant and attuned to Riley.  She made him a part of her family. We could hardly believe the videos she frequently sent us of Riley with all her other dogs.  One of them was at her front door, with 4 other dogs waiting to be called by name so they could come into the house.  Miraculous! Before that, he could not get within 50 feet of any other dog without going crazy.

It is amazing to see them work together.  Jessy gives Riley gentle guidance and he makes eye contact with her and melts.  So the biggest task came when working with my husband and I, to transfer her abilities and confidence and authority with him to us.  We will never be close to her skill level, but we are making great progress and Riley is such a better dog.  When we need extra tutoring sessions, Jessy  always makes  time to work with us.  Jessy is a gem – a rare find.  I highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in training their dog to be the right dog for them or their family.


Linda, Steve & Riley Roo

"As a veteran seminar attendee who has traveled far to attend seminars, this was one of the best!

I am impressed by the knowledge of training and learning theory exhibited by both Jessy and Rob… going to an IPO seminar and hearing about the latest implementations of R+ training is AWESOME!  They know their stuff!  They know how to use each dog’s particular drives to create enthusiastic work without force.   During the lecture, there were excellent videos to demonstrate behaviors they hoped to bring out in each team.  All the attendees were comfortable enough to ask questions, and all questions were answered fully.  They took the time to explain how those behaviors would benefit the team's performance.  During the work, Jessy and Rob were able to read each dog presented and create a learning experience for both the dog and handler – no matter if the team was experienced or a set of “newbies.”  Each team received equal time and attention, and they made sure everyone could see the teams as they worked.   I know my timing and mechanics improved in one day!

Jessy and Rob make a great team as presenters and offer a unique experience in a seminar… I would recommend them to anyone training for any venue."

– Trish & Griff 

"Rob Dunn and Jessy Gabriel thoroughly understand dog behavior and know the 'tricks of the trade' for top-notch dog training. Their innovative training program yields happier, better-trained dogs. Not to mention happier dog owners and handlers! I owe a huge portion of my success as a competitive German Shepherd Dog handler to Rob and Jessy."

– Tom Philbin, two-time USCA National IPO Championship Qualifier/International Utilitiy Dog Competitor

"I came to Texas from California in 2005 and the primary reason for settling in the Austin area was Rob Dunn and Jessy Gabriel (R&J). They are an amazing team, that you can trust, with incredible natural ability, working together in the dog and handler’s best interest.  First and foremost, they emphasize that there must be an excellent relationship, with mutual respect, between you and your dog. Secondly, you must be fair with your dog and establish clear communication. A good trainer always has something new to learn and R&J have great respect for other trainers and are always listening, learning and adding new ideas and methods to their training program.

In 2006, I had a very strong dog, Gipper, that had the potential to go ‘all the way’ in the sport of Schutzhund, but I could only do this with the help of training experts. I placed myself and my dog, Gipper, under their tutelage. Both of them worked patiently with us. In 2006 we qualified for the FCI World Team and represented the USA in Slovenia. I could never have done this without their help.

Currently I have a 2 year old dog, Oden, that has incredible potential but, again, is very strong. I have worked with R&J from the time Oden was a puppy and they continue to help us tremendously! As with any dog with great potential, we have, and continue, to work through issues. I hope to go far with Oden, and believe me, I will work with R&J to get us there.

Whatever the focus you have for yourself and your dog, I highly recommend the team of Rob Dunn and Jessy Gabriel."

– Donna Bovee, Liberty Hill, TX

"We sent our German shepherd, Abby, and small cocker mix Goldie  to train with Jessy Gabrielvwhen she was 6 months old.  We were struggling with excessive protection tendencies and some aggression towards other people and dogs.  Abby came home 6 weeks later with a clear training plan and a path that we were able to continue that helped her be successful in meeting new people and dogs with a much happier demeanor.  She has had nothing but success since coming home from training with Jessy and we recommend their program to others without hesitation.  And their in-house German shepherd breeding program is unbeatable too!"

– Chad, Abby & Goldie

"I have known Jessy for the last 6 years, since I got my beloved German Shepherd called “Dallas”.  Since then my relationship with Jessy and Rob has become a second family for my dogs.

My work requires that I travel overseas a lot and every time I go on these long trips I would drive hours and hours to drop my 2 dogs Dallas & Coco with them. They have trained, loved and taken care of Dallas & Coco for me. Dallas knows when she is getting there and she doesn’t even wait for me to open the car and starts to run towards Jessy. I completely trust and recommend their dogs, their training and their care to anybody  on this world. 

We miss you two a lot!"

– Solange R Sanderson