The first few months of puppyhood are the most important phase of learning for dogs. Experiences and behaviors shaped during this critical period can influence them for life. In fact, 98% of dogs and puppies are surrendered to shelters for behaviors that could have been easily prevented with proper training and socialization.

We like to start puppies on the right paw by teaching them everyday life communication skills, rather than obedience. The result is what we call an “active learner,” a puppy that is tuned in to its owner and grows up engaged, willing to take on new tasks and eager to please. In addition, we work with puppy owners to teach them how to recognize and understand puppy behaviors and how to prevent most problems before they become an issue. Some of the things we can work on with you and your puppy include:

• House/Crate Training

• Socialization

• Imprinting

• Clicker Training

• General Manners

• Puppy Handling

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