Our Petworx program is designed to help each dog and their owner unleash their inner excellence. For help or more information on any of the following subjects, contact us today.


Behavior Modification 

Jumping up, running away, digging, house training, destructive behavior, barking, pulling on the leash, separation anxiety, counter surfing, trash raiding… Any of these sound familiar? We do more than just fix the problem, we uncover the reason your pet is behaving in unwanted ways and help you structure their life to both correct current issues and help prevent others from developing in the future. 

Obedience Training

From the basic commands and manners necessary to be a happy member of the family, advanced off-leash training, to achieving your Canine Good Citizen® certification or beyond, we offer obedience training services customized to fit you and your dog's temperament, drive and lifestyle.



Trick Training

From simple behaviors like rolling over to more complex service dog actions like retrieving a drink from the fridge, training tricks is actually a great way to engage your dog's mind and improve your relationship. 


While teaching your dog some fun extra moves may be "cute," it could also pave the way for your dog to become the next big television, movie or commercial star. Animal actors need to be environmentally sound, friendly and able to concentrate on a busy film set. Basic behaviors such as going to a mark, head up, head down, retrieving, holding items, and barking on command are a must. If you think your dog might have real star power, let us know. We're always on the lookout for different breeds for television and movie roles, and can help you get your pooch ready for their close-up.




Whether it's directed at members of the family, strangers, dogs or any other animals, aggressive behavior is a serious issue that requires experienced trainers. Dogworx Academy will evaluate your dog to help determine what underlying issues may be causing or triggering the aggression, and customize a training program to help you diminish, eliminate or learn to control this potentially dangerous behavior.


Advanced Training

In addition to training and competing in various sports and activities themselves, the trainers at Dogworx Academy have helped hundreds of dogs and their owners train and prepare for advanced obedience certifications and competitions. If you would like to take your dog's training to the next level, contact us and we will help you customize a plan to achieve your ultimate goals.


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